Why Choose Candour Business Equipment?

“Inkjet technologies pose a long-term threat to toner technologies.”



An honest, unbiased sales and service provider for all makes of office copier.  We care about prompt service and supplies delivery.  


Offering full colour printing at a fraction of the service cost of a toner based machine.  

With up to 80% less energy used, you may be eligible for a rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia.  At 120-160 pages per minute, your productivity triples.


Fifteen years of experience in the printing/ copying industry.  We've seen thousands of devices over the years and have the knowledge and resources to diagnose and repair pretty much any issue. 


Preventative maintenance scheduling will help you maintain a healthy device for the duration of ownership.  Visits will be planned according to your usage and your calendar.


Genuine referrals that lead to a sale will constitute a 10% commission that can be used against your next invoice.